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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Beaver Creek Cattle Co., located in north-central Oklahoma, is home to Longhorns with striking eye-appeal.  Our Longhorns have great color, conformation, disposition and big horns. 


Coloration of longhorn cattle is fascinating.  Our longhorns show tremendous variation in colors as we strive for "every color in the rainbow".  Horn shape is almost as varied as color.  What wonderful eye-appeal these animals have as they decorate the Tallgrass Prairie!     


Most of our cows are for sale and prices are included next to the pictures.  A few are marked nfs (not for sale) for various reasons....often sentimental!  Price listed is for the cow only unless stated otherwise.


November 14, 2017:  Check out Sales Page for a couple of real nice bull calves at bargain-basement prices!


November 14, 2017:  Looking like aliens in the middle of the prairie, but mingling with their longhorn companions, are two llamas.  And a brand new cria....  yeah, that's, the name of a baby llama. They are gentle creatures that were brought in because of the stories we had heard about their abilities as guard animals.  They are very alert and watchful, but not much in the protection department. They are constantly on alert with their big eyes and excellent vision.  Their change of posture tends to alert the longhorns to intruders and predators.  And they are really cool to watch. 


November 7, 2017:  Calves were taking advantage of a warm, sunny afternoon.  Once they found a chosen spot to lie down, it was hard for them to

keep their eyes open.  Not a bad life!


November 5, 2017: When the big bale was put out last night, it was rolled out  so all the cows could get to it without crowding.  Peek-A-Blue was the first one to the hay.  She got a big mouthful then reached down with one horn and threw as much as she could up into the air and onto her back.  She seemed pretty proud of herself.  I sat there and laughed at her, or perhaps WITH her while she enjoyed herself.  A friend explained to me that she was just preparing a "meal to go" to snack on later in the evening!


Our longhorns are friendly!!!

The ranch is located on the shores of Kaw Reservoir where Beaver Creek runs into the lake.  The land was part of the Kaw Reservation and backs up to the Osage Reservation.  It's on the southern end of the Flint Hills, so it's rocky, but grows wonderful bluestem pasture.  It has never been plowed.

Beaver Creek runs down from eastern Kansas and is a great haven to wildlife and a stop-over location for migrating waterfowl and wintering eagles.

Just to the east of us is the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve with its free-ranging herds of massive American buffalo.

Prairie fires come through about every 2-3 years.  They clean off the brush and give new life to the pastures.  It's always an adrenalin rush to watch the flames sweep through, but the cows take it all in stride and move to the water's edge.  The fire that passed through two days before this photo was taken burned a little over 30,000 acres.  

Following the fires, the prairie comes alive with new growth and wild flowers like this butterfly milkweed and prickly-pear cactus.

I have three sons and their families who are great to help when needed, especially for the big items like fencing, yearly vaccinations, and pulling me out when I get stuck in the snow. Good friends and neighbors pitch in regularly. 
I spend a lot of time out on the prairie, enjoying the outdoors and the longhorns and the wildlife.  I'm lucky because my family and friends enjoy sharing it with me.

Finally retired from my "real job" as a veterinary parasitologist.  More time with longhorns and tall grass!  I'm still hard to reach by phone since much of the prairie has no phone service.  But email me, or call and leave a message, and I'll try to get back with you.  I always enjoy talking with other longhorn folks.                 
                                        Carole Muchmore


Sometimes it is best to view the world from a secure location.

Winter on the ranch

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