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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Mature Cow - Vanilla Wafer

Vanilla is the first grulla cow we bought. She is a product of the Hickman Longhorn program. In the summer, she shines like a new dime.  When she calves, she has enough milk for three.  She is so gentle and dependable, I leave her in the teenagers' pasture as a co-leader with Sally to help teach the young ones how to behave.

DOB:  04/05/01
    7HD Billy Bob  
      Ranger's Rita
      Superior Abe
    Double Tuff Dawn  
      McDaniels Gold Mine
Vanilla Wafer      
      Impressive Red
    Red's Stormie Impression  
      Stormie Crown Gal
  Stormy Lady    
    Pro's First Lady  
      First Lady


08/04/03:  BCC Stormy Girl

Sire: BCC Just Super

07/09/04:  BCC Blonde Bombshell

Sire:  Smokester

06/24/05:  BCC Smoke

Sire:  Tazman

05/14/06:  BCC Peanuts

Sire:  Tazman

05/22/07:  BCC Yoda

Sire:  BCC Just Super

05/14/08:  Heifer #24/8 "BCC Rosebud"

Sire:  OHL Flint

08/01/09:  Heifer #37/9 "BCC Indigo"

Sire:  Tazman


08/08/10:  Bull calf #31/10

Sire:  Tazman


08/08/11:  Bull calf #41/11

Sire:  Tazman


08/13/12:  Bull calf #38/12

Sire:  OHL Flint


11/24/13:  Heifer #45/13

Sire:  Thumb Tack


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