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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Mature Cow - Never Ending Star

Thanks! Wes and Carol Chancey, for this fine cow.  Millennium Futurity eligible.
DOB:  10/04/04
    Overlord CP  
      Kimco 5
  Frontier Justice    
      Jet Jockey
    Gotta Sassy Jet CP  
      Dun Gotcha
Never Ending Star      
    Silver Strike  
      Ranger's Bizi Bodi
  Silver Slipper    
    Pro's Pleasure  
      Bonita Beauty II


02/01/11:  Bull calf #3/11 "Chas"

Sire:  Zabaco 


01/12/12:  Heifer #1/12 "BCC Twelfth of Never"

Sire:  BCC The Big Bopper 

12/24/12:  Bull calf #42/12

Sire:  OHL Flint 

12/31/13:  Heifer "SC Magic Star"

Sire:  Red Magic 28 

12/10/14:  Bull calf #47/14

Sire: MMW Gorilla 

12/24/15:  Heifer #37/15

Sire: BCC El Dorado 

12/24/15:  Heifer #38/16

Sire: Thumb Tack 

11/16/17:  Heifer #34/17

Sire: Thumb Tack 

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