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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Mature Cow - J.T. Tiara

Tiara came from Mike Bowman who sold her to us as a yearling. Mike was wonderfully helpful, and one of the most gracious hosts that a person could meet. Tiara is  dependable and never causes any problem.  She is a great producer and mom.  In 2013 she raised two calves, her own and one that needed a mom.  There was a third calf that I believe she would have taken in a heart-beat.  She is one of the "watch dogs" in the herd - always vigilant for any threat, but easy going and gentle around all her folks.  March 2010 we had a wicked blizzard move through.  There were already six new babies in the pasture.  When we drove in to feed, all of the adult cows came up to eat except Tiara.  When we found her, she was standing down behind a windbreak with all of the babies up underneath her.  She wouldn't leave them or take them out into the wind and snow.  Millennium Futurity eligible.

DOB:  01/29/00
    Not Gunna  
      Not Dot
  Gunna Appeal    
    Senator's Appeal  
J.T. Tiara      
      Bailer Lin
    J.R. Bailin Jones  
      C.R. Peanuts
  J.R. Sequence    
      Canyon Kid 7
    C.R. Progress  
      C.R. Impressive Mayflowe
08/30/02:  "BCC Kanza"

Sire:  EOT Henry

03/06/04:  "BCC Mariah"

Sire:  Smokester

02/18/05:  "BCC Sioux"

Sire:  Tazman

01/17/06:  "BCC Annie Get Your Gun"

Sire: Tazman

04/05/07:  Bull calf #16/7

Sire: Tazman

03/06/08:  Bull calf #9/8

Sire:  Tazman

01/30/09:  Bull calf #7/9

Sire:  Tazman


03/14/10:  Heifer #7/10 "BCC Listen to the Wind"

Sire:  Tazman

03/06/11:  Heifer #15/11

Sire:  Tazman


06/10/12:  Heifer #19/12 "BCC Flame"

Sire:  OHL Flint


06/30/13:  Bull calf (steer) #35/13 "Jasper"

Sire:  Thumb Tack


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