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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Herd Sire - OHL Flint

Flint is sired by the great grulla bull, LWR Bo Jangles. I didn't realize how much he looked like Bo Jangles until I was sorting their pictures to go on the website.  At first, I thought the pictures were mixed up, then saw the different markings on their faces and realized they looked almost like clones.  Flint is the sire of most of our 2012 calves, and what a beautiful assortment of colors he produced! 
DOB:  02/03/05
      GF Heavy Hitter
    GF Handsome Hitter  
  LWR Bo Jangles    
    Delta Fifi  
      Delta Nicole
OHL Flint      
      Rangers Impact
    Impact's Rear Admiral  
      Wix Rangerette 505C
  Admiral's Star    
      TC Star
    Refuge Star  
      TC Miss Refuge
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