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Mature Cow - BCC Black Leggins

Black Leggins (named by Aunt Donna after the Kiowa Warrior Society) is a cow that can be depended on to always do everything right. She is a good producer and mom. Black Leggins is Grand-daughter Tori's cow. 
DOB:  03/11/04
    TVR Bullet  
      TVR Cover Girl
      JK Sterling 262
    Honeysuckle 06/7  
      Classie Honey
BCC Black Leggins      
      John Henry
      Pro's First Lady
  All I's on Me    
      Fawnie's Classical Toro
    Fawnies Fancy Face  


03/06/06:  Heifer #9/6 "BCC Spectacular"

Sire:  BCC Just Super

03/25/07:  Heifer #6/7

Sire:  BCC Just Super

03/04/08:  Bull calf #7/8

Sire:  Tazman

01/24/09:  Heifer #6/9 "BCC Boots for Walking"

Sire:  Tazman


03/28/10:  Heifer #11/10 "BCC Moccasins"

Sire:  Tazman


02/10/11:  Bull calf #6/11

Sire:  Tazman


02/10/11:  Heifer #16/12

Sire:  OHL Flint


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