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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Mature Cow - BCC Super Raven

Raven has always been a favorite. She is big and tall and exquisite. Plus she is gentle and begs for treats from your hand.  When a little two or three-year-old youngster comes out and wants to feed a cow from his hand, Raven is the one we look for.  Also, she acts as the "watch dog" for the herd, and is always one of the first to spot an intruding coyote.  Millennium Futurity eligible.
DOB:  05/24/02
      Doherty 698
      Measles' Super Ranger
    She's a Super Lady  
      Texas Arby
BCC Super Raven      
      Tiptoes Colorado Cowgirl
  Raven Rangerette    
      Texas Ranger JP
    Classic Rangerette  
      Bit O' Class


04/24/05:  Bull calf #16/5

Sire:  BCC Shocker

03/22/06:  Heifer #16/5 "BCC Tess"

Sire:  BCC Just Super

03/26/07:  BCC Comet

Sire:  Tazman

03/24/08:  Bull calf #13/8

Sire:  Tazman

02/25/09:  Bull calf #10/9

Sire:  Tazman


04/04/10:  Bull calf #15/10

Sire:  Tazman


04/03/11:  Bull calf #26/11

Sire:  Tazman


06/22/12:  Heifer #28/12

Sire:  OHL Flint


05/31/14 Bull calf #29/14

Sire:  Thumb Tack


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