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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Mature Cow - Valida

Valida is a classy longhorn to be admired.  She has overcome odds that would have driven most  to an untimely end.  She is a beautiful cow, with a gentle disposition.  She is the dam of Rio Boleto, one of Carol Carlson's premiere herd sires.  Her photo, like that of her half-sister Carmela, will not be updated, as she too has scars that will not heal, acquired during her mis-adventures following CC's death, prior to coming to live on Beaver Creek.  Millennium Futurity eligible.
DOB:  03/12/04
    J.R. Grand Slam  
      J.R. Sequential
      J.R. Rangago
    J.R. Whitney  
      J.R. Whoopee
    Hitchhiker 09  
      Hikey's Pride
  Pleasent Discovery    
      Colorado Cowboy
    Patty Cake  
      Pat's Pride
04/11/12:  Heifer #9/12

Sire:  Gatling Gun 00/7 

03/26/13:  Heifer #8/13 "BCC Felina"

Sire:  Thumb Tack 


04/18/14:  Bull calf #19/14

Sire:  Thumb Tack 


02/19/15:  Heifer #7/15

Sire:  Thumb Tack 


01/17/16:  Bull calf #4/16

Sire:  El Dorado 


12/01/16:  Heifer #35/16

Sire:  Thumb Tack 


11/01/17:  Heifer #31/17

Sire:  Thumb Tack 


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