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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Mature Cow - Tsunami 38/7

This pretty yellow cow belongs to Shelly. She is the first calf from Shelly's Katrina and has grown into a beauty. She was the first Flint heifer produced. Tsunami is one of the best "momma cows" in the world.  We really like her loooonnng face.  She is true to the longhorn description of "long enough head to drink from a soda bottle without a straw."  Tsunami has very little switch on her tail due to her encounter with coyotes.  She was away from the herd and near her mom, Kat 5 who had just delivered a calf.  Coyotes arrived on the scene and she went into defense-mode protecting the new calf.  The coyotes left, but not until one had gotten the end of her tail and stripped hide and hair from the last six inches.
DOB:  6/18/07
      GF Handsome Hitter
    LWR Bo Jangles  
      Delta Fifi
  OHL Flint    
      Impacts Rear Admiral
    Admiral's Star  
      Refuge Star
Tsunami 38/7      
      Rebel Red 01/9
    BCC Washungah Red  
      Lasting Impression
  BCC Katrina    
      Moore's Mixer
    BCC Black Cloud  
      She's One Mixer

06/27/09:  Bull calf #31/9

Sire:  BCC Wizard


07/01/10:  Bull calf #29/10

Sire:  Tazman


08/18/11:  Bull calf #42/11

Sire:  Tazman


07/02/12:  Bull calf #32/12

Sire:  OHL Flint



05/22/13:  Heifer #29/13 "Tula"

Sire:  Thumb Tack



04/29/14: Heifer #22/14

Sire:  Thumb Tack



03/15/15: Heifer #11/15

Sire:  Thumb Tack



02/22/16: Bull calf #8/16

Sire:  Thumb Tack



12/08/17:  Heifer #37/17

Sire:  Thumb Tack


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