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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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Herd Sire - Tazman

Taz is the best that could have ever come our way. We are grateful to Shawn Huffman of Nebraska for letting us purchase him. He is a product of Ron and Jo Jones great breeding program at Jones Ranch in Salida, Colo. There are only a few Gunman sons out there, and we think Taz is as good as they come. He's adding huge horns to calves from moderately horned cows. A.I. certified. Taz is now entering the retirement phase of his life.  He is in the front yard now, getting lots of TLC.  The grandkids love giving him treats.
DOB:  01/28/98
      Colorado Cowboy
    GF G-Man  
      Inez of Acampo
      E.B. Perfidia
      Bail Jumper
    Jump Shot  
      Royal Spice
  J.R. Peanut Butter    
      C.R. Ruler Ranger
    C.R. Peanuts  
      C.R. Cinderella
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