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Beaver Creek Longhorns: Registered Texas Longhorns
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2018 Bull Calf - 3/18

We called him "Skunkie" from the day he was born due to his flashy skunk markings.  Kinda unfair for a little fellow who is so good looking!  He was born the first week in February.  A really strong cold spell came in while he was just over a week old, with single digit temperatures and 30 mph winds, resulting in wind chill about 30 below.  He lost the tip of one ear and the tip of his tail to frost bite.  No longhorn calves died.  The neighbor's herd of angus lost six calves that night. 

 Millennium Futurity eligible.

 DOB: 02/07/18 
      Field of Pearls
  Thumb Tack    
      Spend a Shadow
Bull calf 3/18      
      Deigo's Hot Shot
    Hot Shot Vision  
      YO Bold Vision 2020
  JW Hot and Fancy    
    Archer 213
  Bar K's Golden Sunrise  
      Bar K's Goldie T J
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